Events for Week of 5/8

Saturday, May 12th, we are having a program based solely off one of the AZA seven cardinal principles. This prinicple is Patriotism and during this program we will learn what it means to be an American, and how this relates with Israel. This program will take place at Adam Vinner’s house (see email for address) and it will start earlier than usual this week. The program will start at 6 PM with an educational learning session and will end at the usual 9 PM where we will go out and get food.

Monday, May 14th, we have one of our last chapter meetings this year. These meetings are really fun and since it’s one of our last, we really want everyone to come!!

Save The Date:

May 19th – Parent Teen Shabbat

June 3rd – Council Wide Frisbee Tournament

June 16th – Chapter Convention


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