Spring Convention Information

1. You absolutely MUST bring two (2) items with you when you arrive to the house on Saturday morning June 16th.

a. $60, either in cash or a check made out to Simon Atlas AZA. Make sure you give your money to Brett, and no one else.

b. A filled-out parental waiver form for rafting, which must be handed to Brett, and no one else. You can find one of these forms here –>http://www.rivertrail.com/waiver.php .

Our weekend is very time sensitive. Only once you hand both of these things to me will your name be crossed off the list of those attending. You cannot leave with us if you do not hand Brett these two items, which could mean either racing home and coming back to get it done before we set off, or needing to drive up separately and meeting us there. We are leaving at 10:45 AM, no exceptions.2. If you plan on driving up separately, please let Brett know beforehand, so we are not calling you at 10:44 AM on Saturday asking where you are.

Without further ado, here is a full itinerary which explains everything we have set up for us. Please read it carefully, because it contains all details for the weekend.
Chapter Convention Itinerary
Meet at house Ben Schicks house by 10:15 AM, we will depart promptly at 10:45
Anyone not at Ben’s house by 10:45 will have to meet us at River and Trail
11:30, pit-stop at Francis Scott Key Mall for lunch
12:30, arrive at River and Trail
Waiver forms must be printed out and filled out prior to leaving for RNT.
Link to waiver form: http://www.rivertrail.com/waiver.php
By 1:30, we will be on the Potomac River, rafting.
Please note that during this time the only people with cellphones on our trip will be our advisor Jeremy and the raft guides
5:00– After our rafting trip, River and Trail will shuttle us to our campsite, the Brunswick Family Campground
Once at the campground, teens will have time to change out of wet clothes, relax and socialize. We will have dinner, then chapter inductions, followed by the installation of the new fall term board, and senior lives.
10:00 AM– Wake up, clean up and go home.

Packing List
$60 for Convention (cash or check made out to Simon Atlas AZA)
Bathing suit for rafting
Closed toed shoes for rafting
Change of clothes for after rafting
Money for lunch, ($10-15 should be plenty.)
Sleeping bag/pillow
Suggested Items
Any Frisbees, footballs, basketball, etc.
Bug spray
Parve snacks

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