About AZA

The Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) is the fraternity component of BBYO for eighth through twelfth-grade boys. Since its establishment in 1924, AZA has provided Jewish and personal enrichment to hundreds of thousands of young men throughout the world. It’s Hebrew letters – Aleph, Zadik, Aleph – stand for Ahava, Tzedakah, Ahdoot, which symbolize fraternal love, benevolence, and harmony.

With an emphasis on the importance of the well-rounded individual, AZA’s unique programming includes social programming with B’nai B’rith Girls (BBG’S) and other AZA chapters, community service projects, athletic tournaments, and Judaic enrichment programs. The diversity of programming, coupled with the sense of camaraderie and leadership training, provided by AZA simply cannot be paralleled by any other youth organization. Often, AZA chapters plan events jointly with local BBG  chapters.

From men well past their years of AZA to men currently part of it the answer is always the same when asked what the best years of their life were. They always say, “The years I had in AZA”. Your son in AZA, and your daughter in BBG, will build relationships that will last forever. Your son will find a home within and outside of the people at his school where he will be accepted for him, and for who he is, and his brother Alephs will treat him like their own brother. For this reason, the foundation of the menorah (the logo for AZA) reads “fraternity”. Simon Atlas, and every other chapter in AZA, is based on this, and for this reason, AZA is able to leave such a life changing impact on everyone it touches. Simon Atlas or not, your son has a lot to gain, including friendships that will last a lifetime, from SiAt, or any other AZA organization.

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