SiAt is at it again, but this time we are shaving our heads.  Thats right four noble Alephs (Gabe Pollack, Jared Shapiro, Alex Henoch, and Sam Katzker) are risking it all, for the better of the chapter.  As you are reading this, you might be asking yourself “How can I make one of these SiAticans loose their hair.  Its simple all you have to do is donate money towards the person who you think should loose their hair.  The person with the most money raised will loose their hair at RC!

Also, with donating you will be helping Autism Speaks!  Getting one of these Alephs to loose their hair, and helping out a great charity, how can you loose?  The person who donates the most money towards the winning person will get to shave the persons hair, in any style they want. Imagine a Kat without hair, Henoch without Donald Trump on his head, Gabe being cold in the winter, or Jared having to lecture all of the people at RC, while we all are laughing. Now here is a short bio for each person, with the link to donate:
Sam’s Donation Page


Alex’s Donation Page

2015-12-02_22.52.10 (1)

Gabe’s Donation Page


Jared’s Donation Page

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.19.53 AM




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